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When my Daughter Amaia turned 11 months, we were about to move to a house with pool and the idea of an aquatic accident, frankly terrified me.


It was at that time that I began to research on alternatives of swimming courses for babies and I came across the ISR program.


Amaia completed in 8 weeks her first aquatic survival course and learned precisely to have the ability to self-rescue and turn to float in case of falling into a body of water. 


Then she transitioned to swimmer when she was 2 years old, and that’s when she finally became a beautiful little mermaid, with the ability to enjoy the water in a safe way. 


From the moment I saw how impressive and successful the Infant Swimming Resource program was, I became an ¨ ISR Mom ¨, recommending it to every friend and acquaintance who asked me how Amaia had learned to swim at such an early age.

Years later, when I got presented with the opportunity to get certified as an ISR instructor in Puerto Rico, I did not hesitate a second to accept the challenge.  Nothing feels as gratifying as knowing that you have the ability to put your grain of sand into the lives of many families and children.  Every day that passes, I reaffirm our commitment that “Not one more child drowns”.

I gave my daughter one of the best gifts of her life.  Now I invite you to do the same for your children!

I teach children to float in the water!  See you soon!



Leisha Vega
Certified ISR instructor




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