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I have two children born with a difference of 10 years. My first son took traditional swimming lessons in Ponce, PR, at that time I thought it was the best decision for him. With my second child I was living in Gurabo, PR and I took the time to look up information for Ian to take his swimming lessons, but I did not want his experience to be the same as my older son's.


Two years passed and when we acquired a property with a swimming pool there was a need for my son to learn to swim. Doing a search on the web I found ISR. As I start to take Ian to his course, I began to observe the dynamics, his curriculum and the way Jenny communicated with my boy, I just fell in love with the course.


As a teacher and curriculum specialist at the elementary level that I am, it gave me the opportunity to be able to unify the development of the ISR class to the child's capacity and thus be able to understand the dynamics of the class.


It took my son 7 weeks to complete the course and since he finished it I always recommended ISR. The way ISR work with the child during his attention span impressed me a lot. After several years the opportunity to certify arose, I did not think twice. As a teacher I fell in love with the ISR program and now as an instructor, I fell in love with the smiles of the children.


The team of professionals who are around the instructors and the security protocols that we have gives us the peace of mind that every child that arrives at our pools will be trained for any eventuality that occurs in a body of water.


As a mother I felt the need to train my child and as an instructor I feel the need to educate the families that come to my pool.


I invite you to give your children the opportunity to learn and enjoy water safely.



Marianne Rodriguez Malavé
ISR Certified Instructor




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