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My name is Leslie Colón. I am a mother of two kids. Being a mother has changed my life completely. You begin to see things from another perspective. Everything you do revolves around those little ones. My biggest concern as a mother is to give them all the necessary tools so that they can grow in a safe environment and in the same way to make them independent and confident.


For parents the task is to watch our children interact with their environment, but to interfere before they get hurt or before they learn something that could have tragic consequences; the challenge is to interfere effective and at the right time. But , what if we are not present for some or other reason? So I've been disregarding all options that are dangerous for my kids. The first was when I enrolled my daughter up at ISR. When she was two years old her gift was taking the ISR Aquatic Survival Lessons. It was an unforgettable experience for both. Throughout that experience was when I made the decision of becoming part of the ISR team. Since then I been able to educate children until they reach a body of water alone and to have the necessary skills to survive. I am passionate about teaching and being part of our mission that not one more child drowns.


It would be an honor to teach your children the aquatic skills necessary to survive and ease their fears and to have the same experience and confidence ISR gave to my daughter.


Leslie Colón
ISR Certified Instructor         






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